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Legal Literacy

The Legal Literacy Programme for the year 2015- 2016 was organised for II BCOM students. The main focus of the programme was ‘Women and Law’. The resource persons for the programme were the faculty from different law colleges and professional lawyers.

This legal awareness programme comprises of five sessions. The first session was about the Cyber crimes and protection for women according to Information technology act.

The second session dealt with Succession and Inheritance according to Hindu and Mohammadan law this was followed by the third session which dealt with Domestic violence and remedies available for women in India.

The fourth session was on the topic Labour Legislation and women’s rights at the work place. It included the Directive Principles of State policy, provisions of various legislations relating to women workers, sexual harassment at the work place and the legal remedies.

The fifth session was on Criminal prosecution and Procedural law. It included hierarchy of criminal courts, their jurisdiction, the filing of an FIR and Charge sheet

All the sessions were interactive.  The programme made the students aware of women’s rights, their duties, various legal procedures and legal remedies. The sessions were not only interesting and informative but also helped in knowledge building for the students.